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AccuQuest is committed to providing the absolute best in hearing health care to their clients. Their team of professionals routinely goes above and beyond industry standards and consistently exceeds expectations. We invite you to read for yourself what their clients have to say about them.


“After a few follow-up visits to optimally tune my new hearing aids, I found they greatly improved my hearing and have been very pleased. Mr. Brunson at AccuQuest has exceptional expertise and his ability to explain all aspects associated with the new hearing aids was far beyond what I expected!”

Laura - Rosswell, GA

“Without any doubt, AccuQuest Hearing Center is at the top of the list for this type of service.”

Bob - Placerville, CA

“I give AccuQuest my unconditional recommendation for great overall service and personalized care.”

Karin - South Lake Tahoe, CA

“AccuQuest is absolutely top notch when it comes to experience, knowledge, expertise, personal care, and great results in treating hearing loss.”

James - Laguna Hills, CA